Rolling to El Mirage...

El Mirage - 2006

It's been two years since my last visit to El Mirage (which was my first) for some dry lake-bed racing. When I left to come home last time, I think I swore I wouldn't go back. On day two, the winds kicked up and brought a dust storm that created about 6ft. of visibility, so the racing stopped and everyone took cover to wait it out. Besides a mild case claustrophobia, I found myself having a hard time breathing in the air which was filled with the super-fine dust of the lake. I eventually had to find my way to the edge of the lake where the ground was a little harder and the air was easier to breathe.

The pictures were too good for the taking though, enough so that my brain has tricked me into thinking that it is OK to head back out there again this Nov. 15th and 16th for some more action. This time... I'm bringing the respirator and some goggles!

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