Not a good sign...

Jesse Alexander and I made the trip down to Burbank this morning to visit Jay Leno's garage. Upon arrival, we hopped out of the car, grabbed our camera gear and headed inside the compound gate. We were greeted at a side-door to the garage by one of Jay's assistants and it was then that we saw a sign... literally.I had a feeling, when I mentioned this trip in my last post, that this would probably be the case. We are a cursed breed of artist... it seems that a lot of people fear the photographer these days. All it takes is a few bad seeds out there to give a tainted name to the rest of us.

None the less, the collection of cars was most impressive and included, what seemed to be, one of everything ever made. There was enough to keep any 6 year old or full grown man occupied for hours, although I will say... Jay doesn't seem to be a big fan of Ferrari. Since I couldn't shoot, you're gonna have to just go here and see it for yourself.

On a side note, the trip was not a total "photo" loss. On the way there, we spotted a great neon sign at a liquor store in North Hollywood. Check it out...I'm definitely going to have to go back and hit this one up at night. My friend, Gail, and I are planning to shoot the Felix Chevrolet sign in the near future, so we'll have to work it in then.

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