Jay Leno's Garage...

Ok, so I didn't make out to El Mirage. Sure... I may have missed out on some good photo op's, but there will be more racing next year, starting in May, and I can try to make it up then. This Thursday, on the other hand, is a once in a lifetime chance that I can't miss. My client/fellow photog/good buddy, Jesse Alexander, who has befriended Jay Leno, invited me to join him on a quest to LA and visit Leno's garage. I am excited to have the opportunity to view such a vast and prestigious collection of automobiles and... tour the shop where all of the cars are restored and maintained. Hopefully we'll see Jay as well but, let's face it, the cars are more important.

I am hoping to be able to take some photos while I am there too, I'm not quite sure what the policy is on that yet. Check back soon, my next post will be the photos... if they happen.

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