E. Haley Street revisited...

It's been nearly five years since I moved away from my old neighborhood and having my good-bye show at Art Resources. At my show, I displayed the images I had collected while walking a, roughly, eight block section of the one-way street while living there.

Actually, I revisit E. Haley St. all of the time. My buddy, Matt, owner of Art Resources Framing/Gallery which is located only a block from where I used to live is still there. I often stop in to say Hi or work on framing pieces for my art shows. But... it had been a while since I had just taken a walk through the hood with my camera and check things out.

I did so a couple of days ago. Things have changed quite a bit, it was almost sad. I can only hope that it is the current scene of inspiration for some other artist, living in the area. My stroll turned more into a mini documentation of the changes that I saw.

Here are some pics from when I was living there and what is happening now...

My old live work space. Now for sale and... I can't believe they painted over the mermaid mural!

A neighbor kid that lived in the old store fronts on E. Haley, which is now boarded up.

A family that lived in one of the few actual houses in the area. It too is now boarded up.

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Racecar 13 said...

Its a shame they painted over the mermaid... One day that street will be all pet grooming spots, coffee joints and high end hair salons. I miss hearing the man-chicas hissing at me when they walked by and being able to sleep 24 hours a day because there were no windows... Or pulling into the driveway and almost killing the drunk who passed out on the inside of the wall. The good old days. Nothing quite like finding all the discarded goodies left behind around the corner where the bathroom used to be. Yeah, I actually do kinda miss it.