El Mirage or Bust...

Bust it is! Well sort of. The plan was for a group of us to go to El Mirage this Sat. and Sun. for the dry lake-bed drag races. Turns out, everyone would rather go to the Antique Nationals in Fontana, CA. Well, I decided I was hitting them both. I've been jones'n for some El Mirage action since my first visit in 2006. After Saturday's races I would head to Fontana from there. So, I drove to El Mirage tonight, to camp, and wake up there early and start shooting pics. Wrong!

I drove my ass all the way there, 3 hours, to find that the races were only on Sunday. Ha. You can only imagine my dismay. I put my tail between my legs, turned the truck and around and made the 3 hour drive back home which included one DUI check point on the way. Look like I'll be gearing up to make the 2.5 hour drive to Fontana on Sunday, starting at 5AM, ugh.

But, today's road trip wasn't a total loss, grabbed this little gem on the way...Almost made the drive worth it! (click it for the larger view)

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