Photography for reference...

My friend and fellow artist, Tanner Goldbeck/racecar13 called me up this weekend in need of my assistance. He has an idea for a painting and needed some photos for reference, so I agreed to help for the price of a burrito. The subject?... Gunther, Ricky's room mate. Tanner put him a gas mask, handed him a hammer and steel pipe and I fired off a few. We shot in Ricky's garage directly under florescent and tungsten lighting, Tanner didn't need anything fancy since the images were only for reference and he liked the moody shadows. I can't wait to see the painting when it is done. Afterward, I stuck around and watched Ricky and Gunther work on Ricky's 1969 Triumph in hopes of getting it ready to ride to a motorcycle show in Ventura the next day. Below are a couple of pics I snapped while I was there.
Gunther posing for one on his motorcycle.
Ricky and Gunther adjusting the timing on the Triumph.

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